Leader Sentry

Leader sentry can detect a pre-selected movement accurately up to a distance of 30m (100 ft.).
It detects movement in the direction of the laser beam. Rescuers can select a maximum movement tolerance in increments between 5 and 100 millimeters (o.2 and 4.0 inches). This is useful in adverse weather conditions or when there is an acceptable tolerance of movement naturally occurring in the structure.

Leader Sentry Specifications

  • Red flashing beacon, Visual indication that the unit is active.
  • Powering the system: mains supply, generator, 12V car plug, Automatic switch to AA batteries back up if the main power source fails (Splar panel in option).
  • Fully waterproof lightweight portable self-contained protective case.
  • A 98dB audible alarm will trigger if structure moves greater than the selected distance.
  • A telescopic sight allows the user to precisely pinpoint the laser on the target area.
  • Either mounted on a telescopic tripod, or a sucker pad for vehicular mounting.
  • Display:
    - Intuitive design and technology.
    - Displays the distance to the target area.
    - illustrates real time movement on screen.
    - Displays measurements in either Metric or Imperial (mm or inches).
    - OLED screen for excellent clarity even in bright sunlight.


Leader Sentry helps Search & Rescue teams by alerting of imminent danger from structural collapse or the movement of any mass which may harm or impede rescuers.

Part of our new generation of Search & Rescue equipment, LEADER Sentry Movement Monitor is designed for the protection of SAR teams, paramedics and others engaged in potentially dangerous operations, like post incident investigations, forensics or structural surveillance.

This cutting edge technology has evolved over many years of working with USAR teams around the world.

How it Works

A harmless laser is aimed at the potentially dangerous site or structure and continually monitors for any slight movement In addition, it can be used to monitor any movement of mass or material which might slide and endanger life during rescues in mud slides, avalanches or unsafe vehicles or similar hazards.

It will sound a piercing 98dB to warn of movement and aid early evacuation from falling debris of buildings damaged by earthquake, bombings, gas explosion… or any other catastrophe.

Good to Know

Two LEADER Sentry sensors can be linked together via the same control system to allow 2 structures to be monitored simultaneously or two axis of the same building creating safety zones in 2 strategic areas.


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