ARC - Total containment vessels

Mistral Security, Inc.’s Total containment vessel product line, ARC, provides full protection against blast and fragmentation with repeated detonation capability. Gas-Tight (GT) models are also available. the ARC Series is widely used by the Military EOD and Police Bomb Squads for safely containing and transporting explosive devices. the Gas-Tight models are capable of containing biological/Chemical explosive threats.

ARC - Total containment vessels ARC - Total containment vessels


  • ARC-5
  • ARC-5GT 
  • ARC-6GT
  • ARC-8GT
  • ARC-9GT
  • ARC-10GT
  • DDESB-Approved product (ARC-5, ARC-6 and ARC-10)
  • Eliminating risk by safely containing and transporting explosives
  • US police
  • US Marine Corps
  • PSA (Policía de Seguridad Aeroportuaria) Argentina
  • Hungary military EOD