Fast and Reliable File Transfer and Live Video via Your MacBook.

LiveU's bonded laptop solution for Mac offers fast, reliable and highquality mobile bonded transmission via the laptop, using up to four simultaneous Wi-Fi, LAN, cellular and satellite connections. With a user-friendly interface, the LU-Lite software is easy to use and highly flexible, supporting any camera input provided by your hardware.

LU-Lite Features

 Bonds 3x 3G/4G and Wi-Fi networks

  •  File Transfer
  •  Store & Forward
  •  Advanced Compress & Forward for content transfer
  •  Live broadcast using the laptop webcam or connected camera
  •  Custom simplified GUI


LiveU Connect Platform
LU-Smart connects to your existing LiveU receiving server and is incorporated into the LiveU ecosystem by LiveU's unfied management platform, the LiveU Connect, enabling control rooms to manage multiple video feeds from LiveU units operating in diverse locations.

Multiple Applications & Workflows
Based on LiveU's fourth-generation bonded uplink technology, the LU-Lite software serves a wide variety of applications and workflows in the field, including file transfer and Store & Forward as well as editing and live interviews using the laptop webcam. The software also includes an advanced Compress & Forward feature for even faster content transfer.

Platform Flexibility

LiveU's transmission products can be used for either TV or web/mobile transmission. 

Minimum Requirements:
Windows OS and MAC OS
Win XP/Win7; Intel i3 processor or similar for File Transfer; Intel i5 or similar for live SD; Intel i7 or similar for live HD.