How we help

With a network of global technology suppliers and specialized dedicated partners DG Systems is successful in sourcing products, applications and services.

With a full business program including consultancy, project and technical support DG Systems ensures our valued customers the optimal solution. DG Systems is focusing on the Public Safety and Emergency markets, Homeland Security and the Military sector. With the increasing Civil Military Cooperation DG Systems has proven to be able to continuously source and implement innovative and effective integrated security solutions.

The portfolio covers products and services of the highest possible quality and state of the art technologies. In cooperation with Governmental bodies, Knowledge Institutes and the Technology Sector, DG Systems wishes to contribute to the national security and the well-being of our society.

Including consultancy and product support DG Systems ensures our valued customers the optimal solution in wireless communication, surveillance, drones, search and rescue, blast managing and narcotic detection.

DGSystems secures public safety with search & rescue products and does that by supporting emergency agencies like, firefighters, rescue squads and Medicalteams. We are involved in the protection from events that could endanger the safety, including injury, damage, such as crimes or disasters.

DGSystems helps to ensure a homeland to be safe, secure, and resilient against harsh weather circumstances like flooding and hurricanes, safety at sea with coast guards, external threats and aggression of terrorism or civilians.

DGSystems has a broad selection of surveillance, patrol, investigation and law enforcement camera's for different senario's. Wich makes communication reliable and accessible thanks to the connection of external devices, for surveiling and communicating with the full operation.

DG Systems is a solution provider bridging the gap between original requirements and technological solutions.
With a network of global technology suppliers and specialist dedicated partners.