TAC4G(1) Tactical 4G LTE Mobile Area Network Preliminary draft - subject to change without notice

Modern military and security forces are engaged in numerous complex missions ranging from routine operations, low intensity conflicts and special operations to high intensity warfare. They are highly involvedin the fight against terrorism and natural disasters. This means that their operational environment varies widely including urban, semi urban/rural, open country and jungle/forest terrains as well as operation in all weather conditions.

The forces utilize a variety of resources including intelligence platforms, weapon systems, battle management systems and a fast growing number of additional applications with an ever increasing emphasison real-time video, access to "bid-data" and complex image information. They are also working in an integrated manner where geographically separated teams and resourcesneed to work together with the forces  arrangement changing on-the-fly. The result is the need for a new kind of communications and information solution, one that is:

  • Real-time
  • Broadband
  • With high spectral efficiency
  • Flexible
  • On-The-Move
  • Robust[/col]
  • Secure & immune
  • Low weight & power
  • Supports multiple applications
  • Simple to use and operate
  • Easy to integrate with other communication systems
  • Open and standards based

Elta´s TacMAN is based on the 4G LTEcommunication system that provides the best technological basis for the required solution. The 4G LTE technology coupled with   Eltas leading military technologies provide the optimal combination of COTS (Commercial off-the-Shelf) and military capabilities required for answering advanced military and security forces communications and  information requirements.

Elta´s TacMAN is a military grade, light-weight, low power, broadband communications and information system that can be carried by a single person or mounted on a vehicles or other platforms. The TacMAN includes an LTE base station, an LTE network core and an applications server that can run multiple applications. It can work alone as an independent network and MAS (Military Application Store), or connect with other TACMANs using Elta´s unique CellMesh™ technology to create a multi-TacMAN OTM broadband network. The TacMAN can also be connected to the wider military network through a variety of IP based communication means (LOS, Satcom or other IP radios).

TAC 4G main specifications

Air Interface- 3GPP LTE frequency bands 7,13(additional bands can be supported)
Protocal - 3GPP LTE release 8/9. FDD and TDD
Carrier - Single carrier, 5, 10, 20 MHz BW
Application server:
    - Processor: Intel Core i7-3517UE
    - DRAM: Up to 8 GB
    - SSD: 128 GB
Built in GPS
I/O: Gigabit Ethernet, 3xUSB 2.0, 1x RS232, 1x HDMI, 4xLTE antenna connectors, GPS connector
Power connector & ON/OFF switches


Physical characteristics: 
    - Size - 5.5" H x 9.25" D x 8.25" W
    - Weight -< 4kg (excluding external FE)
    - Transmit power - 2x 1W MIMO (expandable with external FE)
    - Power consumption -  < 60W
Vehicle mounted
    - Size: 5.5" H x 9.25" D x 8.25" W
    - Weight: < 4kg (excluding external FE) 
    - External FE:
                        - Size: 5.5" H x 18.25" D x 9.85" W
                        - Weight: < 9kg
    - Transmit power: up to 20W (with external FE)
    - Power consumption - < 160W (including FE), 20-30 VDC


Broadband communications to the single soldier level
Connection to remote military applications/services
Local services
"CellMesh" mode
Multiple interconnection options
Information security and immunity
Large number of concurrent users
Compatible with commercial 4G LTE (3GPP standards based) handsets and Elta´s 3G/4G LTE secure hand-sets 

The TacMAN is a rugged, fully On-The-Move (OTM) communications and information system. It is based on the 4G LTE standards and technology and provides an all IP cellular network in a box with versatile relay and backhauling capabilities as well as the ability to deploy a complete array of local services.

The TacMAN can be deployed in manpack, vehicle mounted, airborne and seaborne versions.

The TacMAN´s users enjoy very high bandwidth and an always-on access to military applications protected with Elta´s unigue information security and authentication capabilities.

The TacMAN provides an excellent solution to two main use cases:
Stand Alone mode - On-the-Move stand-alone network supporting multiple broadband applications including real-time video, video conference, photos, MMS/SMS, PTT, VoIP, Military websurfing, BMS and more.
Mesh Network Mode - Using the TacMAN as part of Elta´s unique "CellMesh" network of multiple TacMAN nodes creating a larger area network with greater capacity and coverage. Elta´s unique "CelMesh" technology ensures that all users stay connected  even if particular nodes fail. The TacMAN uses an LTE based connection between the nodes as well as to the users 

The TacMAN can also be connected to other military networks through LTE, SATCOM,  LOS or other IP radios. TacMAN users can also workthrough commercial 3G/4G  cellular networks while, aintaining information security