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Locate and communicate with victims
Visio Search is designed to carry out precise visual victim location, by extending the ears and eyes into the void and allow two way communication

Technical Specifications

To compliment Audio ResQ, Visio Search offers unique technical specifications and innovation. Meets the operational requirements of rescue and Civil security organisations… all over the world.

Water resistant control module with superb screen clarity and simple to use key pad with carrying strap:
• Intuitive function menu for ease of training and familiarization
• Operating temperature: -10 to +50ᵒC (+15ᵒF to 120ᵒF)
Storage temperature: -40 to +70ᵒC (-40ᵒF to 160ᵒF)
• Large 7´´ colour screen, high visibility (800cd/m2)
• Weight in use: 3,6 kg (7,9 lbs)

˃Probe and camera head

  • 170° articulation • Flexible articulation mechanism • Scratch resistant sapphire lense
    260° field of vision prevents impact damage
  • LED lights (18,5 cd)
    Illuminated up to 6 meters / 20 ft in zero visibility
    • Audio microphone, PTT (Push To Talk) operation

˃ Supplied in watertight to IP 67 tough and durable carry case
• Pressure compensation valve
• L x W x H: 121 x 43 x 18 cm (48'' x 17'' x 7,1'')
• Weight: 15,6 kg (34 lbs)

The benefits which make the difference

• Intuitive user interface
• High-definition picture with 2 x Zoom
• Durable scratch resistant sapphire lens
• Camera head mounted on flexible shock absorbing coupling
• Ergonomic design: Probe weighing only 1.4kg/3 lbs
• Water resistant camera head
• Directional orientation of camera displayed on screen
• 260ᵒ field of vision


Visio Search is guaranteed for 2 years against faults


Visio Search complies with the following directives:
• EMC 2004/108/EC: Electromagnetic compatibility
• WEEE 2003/96/EC: Waste electrical and electronic equipment
• Low voltage 73/23/EEC: Low voltage electrical equipment
• ROHS 2002/95/EC: Restriction of hazardous substances

Visio Search
Areas of Application

Structural Collapse, Confined Space and difficult to access spaces, Security and border control,, Police and special forces.

Rescuing victims trapped in mountainous locations, in ravines, wells or pit shafts or in pipelines or sewer is a daunting task for rescuer teams.
By utilizing a 90 metres / 295 feet cable probe extension allows location of and communication with victims in many of these hazardous areas ) possibility to go up to 180 metres/ 590 feet but without audio communication
>Investigation in water
The water proof mode allows search in water to a depth of 2m / 6,6 ft (optional: 90m / 295 ft waterproof camera on reel).


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